June 21, 2017

Finding Purpose

Have you struggled with finding purpose in life?  Maybe you have pursued multiple avenues of purpose?  Maybe you try to find joy and meaning in your relationships, with that being the only sense of identity you have…many women do this.  They base their entire self concept on the relationships they have with others.

If they do not have relationships that they feel are good enough, they take on that they also are not good enough.

Even when people reach success…they find the relationship they are looking for or they reach the major goals they were striving for, sometimes that still isn’t enough to fill the emptiness inside of a person.

I heard this podcast the other day that I want to share with you.   It is an interview on Success Magazine with an author, Kelly Flanagan.  In the discussion, Dr. Flanagan talks about how as children we all have a sense of worthiness but that that sense of worthiness gets diminished as we get older.  We start to see ourselves in a different light, partly based on the ways in which we are disappointing to others.

He talks about the importance of regaining the positive feelings you had about yourself as a child and truly trusting in your own worthiness.  He takes this further, stating that you have to connect with this belief in your own worthiness before you can have a real sense of belongingness in a relationship and then you have to have both worthiness and belongingness before you can find your true purpose or passion in life.

But many people just keep trying to reach more and more accomplishments to try to prove to themselves that they are worthy…but then they don’t really feel worthy because the fact that they haven’t reached the accomplishment yet is not why they felt unworthy in the first place.  In fact, if someone does not trust their worthiness, they may even be pursuing the wrong goals.  This interview is pretty amazing and I recommend clicking here to listen to it.  I am currently reading his book because this interview resonated with me.  Check it out and let me know what you think:

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Are You Attractive? The Key to Attraction Marketing

What is Attraction?

Baby ducks are biologically drawn to following the adult.

When I asked the question, “are you attractive?” did you immediately think about how you look in the mirror?  did you think about your weight, your age, and whether you can pick up whichever guy or gal you would like to?  When we hear the word attraction, we often go right to whether someone is physically attractive.  Some worry they can’t do attraction marketing because of the way they look, but there is a lot more to attraction than that.

Attraction is a chemical reaction that draws us toward something.  It is not a choice.  There is something in our brains that gets activated when we are drawn to or attracted to something.

What Are You Attracted To?

Think of the last time you were attracted to something and had to have it.  Maybe it was a certain type of car, a puppy, or a piece of furniture.  Have you had an experience recently where you were drawn to buy something and could not stop thinking about it?

Or maybe it was a person.  Do you remember being a teenager and having a crush?  Was your mind completely occupied with this person?  Did you write their name over and over again on your notebook (haha)?

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May 29, 2017

How to Suck at Marketing Part 2

Can We Talk About This?

I think I mentioned in my last post that I took a break from Facebook.  If I didn’t, well…I took a break from Facebook.  I have a large amount of salespeople on my friend list, and although it is my mission to help people like this, I needed to step away because these messages were coming in frequently.  This is just one of the worst:

As you can see in my response, I was not being very nice.

An Introduction

Let’s talk about how this conversation started.  I did not have the original message I received from this person in the picture, but it came in about 2 weeks prior and said, “Hey Marlena, I’m sure you have seen my posts about <company name>.  Have you tried it?”

I do not know this person and have never had a conversation with her.  I have never seen one of her posts because the Facebook algorithm was not showing me her page.  Given this, a better way to start a conversation with me might have been something like “Hey Marlena, I checked out your page and I see you have Pomeranians.  That’s cool.  I’ve thought about getting that type of dog.  Are they difficult to keep up with in terms of grooming?”  (And I would have to say, “Yes, do you have any Matt Attack Juice?” haha).

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May 28, 2017

How to Suck at Marketing Part 1

I was at the airport last weekend and ran into a woman who got me thinking about one of the reasons so many people are failing at marketing their businesses and branding themselves.

A little story…

When I got through security, the first place I went to was the bathroom.  A girl’s gotta be ready for a long period of sitting, right?  (I’m also scared to stand up on moving planes haha).  So, I’m in the bathroom and

How to repel people

Some people just don’t care about those around them.

I hear this woman talking super loud, angry something.

I thought she was talking to someone and really did not think much of it.  After all, women often go to the bathroom to gossip/talk.

A few minutes later, I see this woman walking around by herself continuing to talk in a loud voice throwing out the F bomb several times in a row.  She was really getting heated up about whatever happened.  People were giving her dirty looks and several were moving their children away from her.

She was completely oblivious.

I got on the plane and what do you know?  This lady is sitting right in my seat.  She’s obviously one of those ladies who doesn’t care what others think so I know this could go badly.  Luckily, it doesn’t and she just moves over.

When the plane landed, her personality immediately came back out.  She told the person in the middle seat and I that we needed to get up immediately because she had a plane to catch.  I think we were in row 40, so there were quite a few other people ahead of us who needed to get off.  It would be at least 10 minutes for us to get off actually.  Oh no, not her.  She insisted we stand up and let her go.

She got up and started bullying her way to the front, telling people to get out of her way.  At one point, she came up against a lady near the front who had dog in a carrier.  The lady was moving her dog out from under the seat and happened to push the dog out into the aisle.  After all, people weren’t really getting up yet.Continue reading

The Truth About Being an Entrepreneur

All You Have to Do Is…

Were you told that you should join network marketing, get into blogging, or become an affiliate and that it would be easy?  Did you hear the words, “passive income” and think, “that sounds great!”  Sign me up, right?

Did you know that the majority of people join, try it on (like a shirt), and then get out of the business?  Newsflash!  It is hard, it makes you face things about yourself that other jobs don’t!  As an entrepreneur you’re putting yourself out there, and you know what?  That is really vulnerable!

So, when your upline or other people online say things about how easy it is…that you should just talk to people (or insert other simple sounding action here) and you will see the money rolling in, does it make you feel like a loser when it doesn’t?

Wait a Sec!

Step back a minute.  How much does your product cost?  Is it something that people are buying anyway or do you have to convince them that it is something they need?  For example, one of the products in my company is this awesome magical cleaning stuff.  I need to clean my house (ugh), so I buy cleaning supplies.  Instead of buying my cleaning stuff at a store like Walmart, I buy it from my company.  (It really is magical…seriously took the grease film off my stainless oven so easily…I’m still floored by this…but I digress).

Where was I?  Ok, so I already am purchasing cleaning supplies.  You don’t have to convince me that I need cleaning supplies.  The grease film told me that.  You didn’t have to.  Bonus!  I only have to get you to see that my magical cleaning potion is a better option (and doesn’t cost any more than your less cool option).

The BEST Product EVER

But here is what most companies have you do.  In order to make up something so I am not complaining about a company in particular I am going to say there is a network marketing company that sells a product that goes into your dog’s water and instantly makes any matts in their fur fall out (I’m looking at my Pomeranian right now, who can be a hot mess at times).  Let’s call it Matt Attack Juice.

So, you are selling Matt Attack Juice which is $120 a bottle on auto-ship as a preferred customer and lasts 30 days…

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May 15, 2017

Building an Audience

Have you started to build an audience?  This is the first step in any successful business.  The phrase “if you build it, they will come” just doesn’t work, not even on social media.  You have to actively and deliberately build your audience.

The good news is that once you know who your target market is, there are some things you can do to start building relatively quickly.  I say relatively because although you can build up numbers, you also have to build up relationships and reputation.  As you probably are aware, just being on someone’s Facebook page does not mean you even know them.

Facebook Data

Facebook has some neat features that allow you to research your audience.  Within their ad manager, there is a function called “Audience Insights Tool.”  If you put in some things about your target audience, the tool gives you statistics about who they are (male/female, etc), what they like, where they spend their time online, etc.  This is fantastic because it helps you to figure out where to target the audience, where to listen to them, and how to relate to them.

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April 23, 2017

A New Attraction Marketing Bonus!

New Bonus with Opt In

I spent the day today working on creating a printable plan of action for attraction marketing that I am going to send it with all new email subscriptions.  I am really proud of it since it is the first time I have ever created anything like this 🙂

I’ve been absent lately.

I have been learning about Attraction Marketing through a course I purchased recently.  It changed everything for me. I’ve decided to take a step back and get real clear on where I want to take my business. (If you are interested in learning more about the course, I’d be happy to share).

I have some great ideas and I cannot wait to share 🙂

This should be fun!

March 18, 2017

Building a Blog: Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate
Overall Ranking: 9/10
Price: Free/$49 a month/Approx $350 per year
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Website: WealthyAffiliate.com

When I started out in the home business arena, I found that there were sites out there that helped with step by step guidance on how to make money online. I was not a huge fan of calling up and “bothering” everyone that I knew in order to sell things to them and a interested in finding a way to make money completely online.  I was searching for reviews on another system I was interested in and ran across several comparisons of that system with Wealthy Affiliate.  Since it was free, I decided to check it out.

Now, as you can imagine, I was looking for a site to help me with network marketing in particular.  Wealthy Affiliate is not about network marketing, but is instead focused on creating a website in a niche area, typically one you are passionate about, and generating income doing something you love.  Sounds great right?Continue reading

March 12, 2017

Direct Sales Versus Network Marketing

I have often heard these terms used interchangeably; however, it turns out they are quite different things with different results. Which one you choose will depend on what your ultimate goals are.

Direct Sales

In direct sales, a person is working to market a product. They must sell the product in order to make any commissions. A person in direct sales will seek out customers to buy their products. They market products in hopes of earning commissions.

Many people in direct sales say they have the opportunity to create ongoing residual income from the sales of their product based on repeat customers. For example, many companies nowadays have autoship programs with discounts to customers for signing up. A direct seller may believe that this is the way to create ongoing residual income because that customer will buy over and over and over again.  
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Mindfulness and Business: Do They Go Together?

With all of the information coming at you every day in your business, do you ever feel like you cannot get focused on what you are supposed to do?  Do you ever feel like a whole day went by and you have accomplished nothing?  What about feeling like you are going from thing to thing without really having a plan?  

I can relate to all of those things.  I want to do it all!  But one thing that is important to recognize is that when you multitask to try to take on too many things, you don’t really do any of them very well.  

This brings me to thoughts about mindfulness and business.  The way that I have always thought about mindfulness is that it is focusing on something specific on purpose.  It is focusing your attention in a deliberate way.  This sounds like a great skill to have in business.

I am a member of a learning platform and lead generation system called My Lead System Pro.  Within the system, there are a ton of trainings on different ways to generate leads and market online.  For instance, there are trainings on using Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, Youtube, Blogging, and the list goes on and on.  Continue reading

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